What's Not Being Said About the Tamara Mowry Madness

by Abby Allen in , ,

Tamera Mowry, one half of the identical twin leads of the '90s television sitcom Sister, Sister, married Fox News Channel correspondent Adam Housley on May 15, 2011. Since then, Tamera says, she has experienced intense hatred on social media for marrying outside her race.

Tamara, it breaks my heart that you have to endure any of this unkindness and cruelty. No one deserves it, least of all someone who's simply loving another. And it's because I understand what it feels like and want to live in a world where this doesn't happen that I don't want to miss a chance to take a closer look at what's going on here. The issue goes deep. This bigotry and cruelty is the result of systemic horrors that this country is still unwilling to take full responsibility for so we keep the discussions at the surface. There is of course NO EXCUSE for malice and depravity of any kind by any color but the horrific things that black people say in response to interracial relationships are rooted in the racism that they've endured since being forced over on slave ships. As we know too well, white men raped black women at whim--raped someone's wife, mother, sister. That's the truth and it happened for hundreds of years. And if a black man did anything about it he'd be lynched. And it goes without saying that the black women couldn't do anything about their situations either. The collective damage from this trauma alone is unfathomable and it's aftermath is playing out every day in this country. So while remarks like "back in the day you cost $300, now you're givin' it to 'em for free" are inexcusable they must be understood as a brutal reminder of this country's history and the terror endured by blacks, our ancestors. And it won't stop until we talk about it all in it's entirety and stop pretending that slavery and it's legacy was something that happened millions of years ago. While I was in New Orleans I spoke with women who told me that they warn their sons about dating white women because their sons can get killed for it. YES, even today. Again, this does not excuse hateful words by black men and women to those of us in interracial relationships. Absolutely not. But let's not just leave this story as one about "angry, jealous black men," that's so old and tired and a huge part of the problem.

Here's a comment that I found on the blog Blaze that illuminates my issue with how most media is serving up this story (the typos have been left in for authenticity). 


With the help of the Blaze I conclude that people of color are more racist than Whites…

It’s obvious that whites do not care about race and would be fine if we were all just 3 or 4 tones browner.

But make certain that you understand that Whites are tolerant above all.. And no one prefers Multiculturalism and Pluarlism more than us white folks..

Whatever just please dont’ call me Intolerant or a racist!!! Please please please society I’ll do anything to gain your acceptance and to prove that race means nothing to me…

We are so doomed.