Katie, Please do Better Next Time

by Abby Allen in

Last Friday Katie Couric featured the lovely and genius Alyson West and her husband Michael David Murphy, on her show. They're the the force behind "We are the 15%", the website started in response to the backlash over the Cheerios commercial featuring the interracial family. I had met with Alyson when I passed through Atlanta driving cross country so I was especially excited to see her on TV. What didn't excite me was Katie. In addition to smiling the entire time while talking about interracial relationships, a serious topic, one that despite popular misconception, often is a life and death situation, she says, "I remember thinking how cool!" when talking about how she felt when watchin the Philly cream cheese commercial with the interracial couple. Katie Couric talks about this topic the same way she would about a "neat" new household gadget. Ooohh, how interesting, how cool, people that look like you are on TV. How does that make you feel? Are you serious Katie? That's the best you can do? What she should be saying is how noticing the recent influx of interracial families in commercials made her realize how underrepresented they've been and how troubling that is in 2014. On the upside, at least Ad Age finally thinks we're worth talking about.