The Stories
I Love You. So Before You Emphatically Tell Me Why I Should Watch 12 Years A Slave, Please Consider This...

That I think about slavery every day. And have for as long as I can remember. Every time I look into my eyes, big and brown like Harriet’s and Sojourner’s and the thousands whose names I’ll never know. Every time I write my own name, “Allen” isn’t native to Jamaica. 

What's In My Hair

The long white spikes dig in and pull at the tight curls. Every time the brush goes through I scream, aware that my father might come in and tell me to be quiet. Bunday. That’s what I call it, “the weekly torture fest” when my mother wrestles with my unruly hair, tugging and wrangling it atop my head into a perfect ballet bun. So I can fall in line, dance for a mirror and learn Grace and Control. 

If Little Girls Could Only

Labels-- half black, half white, lesbian, veteran. 

"Coming out As Bi-Racial" by Stephanie Georgopulos

A few months ago, I not-so-subtly asserted myself as biracial while having dinner with a new coworker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. “Yeah…my mom’s black,” I responded (not verbatim, but the exchange was similar). Whoa. What? Immediately after I injected that part of my identity into the conversation, I had a come-to-Jesus moment. What was I doing? Did I always do this when I met new people?

White Man Meets Black Woman

On my last day in Asheville I was at a juice bar and this white man sitting at the counter overheard me telling the owners about my project. He said, you have to come to my studio. I said Why?