North Carolina


Patience is Born.

Kaia, Jason & Soleil, Raleigh, NC

Kaia’s father, (who is from Liberia, West Africa) vetoed their marriage the first time Jason asked permission. Jason caught heat from white girls in college for dating Kaia. Now, with little Soleil, people often think Kaia is the nanny. But the two have a calm, confidence and connection so strong it’s palpable the minute you enter their presence. Their advice: Just don’t care what people think. We try and laugh at everything, and have fun with it, a sense of humor. We go out with our friends, another interracial couple, and get a kick out of the confused looks on people’s faces watching them try to figure out who’s with whom. 

And, just be patient with people.

Thank you both for the reminder.  


Make Your Difference an Asset.

River, Durham, NC.